Inmate Pen pal sites ranked by traffic in the United States
Updated 3-25-2016
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Are you thinking of listing an inmate on a prison pen pal website? If so, then one thing to take into consideration is how many visitors a website receives. A prison pen pal website that receives high quality website traffic is important. It will greatly increase the inmate’s chance of being able to successfully get pen pals when a site has a lot of traffic (visitors). and by far get more traffic than the other pen pal websites.

 If a site is not in the top ten it may be a waste of money to list with them. is a fact website and not a review site. You can say that is the Bible to this website. We also own and got irritated about the false statements put on by copycat sites that their site is number one when it is not.




Inmates looking for pen pals. Both men and women's addresses are free. Ads are categorized by age. An inmate can get listed for $25.00 for six months or $35.00 for one year.  This includes two photos and up to 250 words. Very clean and easy to navigate site established in 1998.
Prison pen pals seeking friendship. Inmates personal profiles, inmates legal profiles and inmate resumes. Men and women behind bars seeking letters. Free to write inmates. Inmates can place one year ad for $40.00 that includes 250 words and one photo.
Prison Inmates Online is a directory that connects people through social networks along with inmates in US prisons. It's a great place to find prison pen pals or advocate for a prisoner. $50.00 to list an inmate for the duration of their sentence.
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